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The History of Spooks

Some of the older generations of Haworth, will remember the previous occupants of this dwelling. Once upon a time 22 Main Street was an indoor market, then another time it was a painters and decorators (Whittakers), it’s also been a home to many (and a home-from-home), some of whom aren’t quite ready to leave this astral plane yet. What hasn’t changed is the strong sense of place in the community. 

Spooks was established in 1983 by Stan & Shirley Ledgard, with the intention of creating a spiritual hub that caters to peoples bespoke spiritual needs. They provided a welcoming bookshop, with a specific type of stock, with the aim to reassure people that ‘ghosts’ were not necessarily scary and witchcraft was not necessarily malevolent. Stan’s idiosyncratic personality served him well and people remember him for this!

The infamous Spooks legacy is now carried on by Kate Hustler and managed by Riana. Kate was keen not to change the ethos of the shop, which has stood the rest of time. She has however, added certain popular elements such as a great selection of crystals and stocking a much wider range of gifts, books and Tarot Card decks to support the modern day witch and spiritual traveller. The shop is managed by Riana, who will be excited and enthusiastic to answer any of your queries. 

The shop has a dedicated and vocational workforce, full of knowledge and enthusiasm, all eager to discuss spiritual matters, whether you are a beginner Tarot card reader, or an experienced Witch of many years.

Kate has created a lovely little holiday let above the shop, which is very popular amongst visitors to Haworth and its surrounding areas.