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Spooks provides a range of healing therapies, which last between 45-60 minutes, including :


A powerful art healing that can heal on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. The client will lie on the couch, clothed and the practitioner will channel the healing energy through their hands to the client. They will place their hands on the client’s auric field, rather than their body and during the session the client should feel very relaxed. Reiki will heal where it needs to heal and in many cases results can be achieved in just one session.

Introductory offer: £5 for fifteen minutes, or £25 for 45 minutes

Sessions are with the lovely Zoe, from life and soul reiki – you can use our booking system to pre-book a session, as Zoe only accepts walk-ins on a Saturday. Please note 5 minute sessions are only available via a walk-in appointment.

Other therapies at Spooks

Rent our therapy room!

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Please contact us about the availability of our therapy room. Which is rentable at £10 p/h